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Phillip Howell-Richardson

Welcome to my website.

I am passionate about the art and science of mediation. I am fascinated by the opportunities for settlement that exist in the most difficult disputes in mediation and the endless ingenuity of those involved in finding their own solution.

I have mediated disputes that have involved the most stubborn people, the most complicated facts, the most fiercely held disagreements on law, deep-seated conflicts of culture, large numbers of participants, historic events, governments, companies, brothers and sisters and CEO’s of large corporations.

You will find information about me, my mediation experience, my international mediations, the experiences of those who have mediated with me and the essential information that will enable you to work with me.

You will find at this link details of my mediation career and everything else you need under ‘Mediating with Me.

My aim is to ensure that parties in disagreement have the best possible opportunity for achieving and arriving at settlement.

From the first time that we speak until the settlement is achieved my whole objective is to ensure that all arrangements, the mediation process itself and everything that we do is geared to achieving that aim.

Contact details:-

I am a member of Independent Mediators. To appoint me or to find out my availability please contact:-

David Douglas or Nicky Doble
Tel Office: +44 (0)207 127 9223
Email Office: admin@independentmediators.co.uk
Web: www.independentmediators.co.uk

Should you wish to contact me my personal contact details are:
Tel: +44 (0)7720 700228
Email: phillip@howell-richardson.com